The Fae Kingdom Collection

Chop Zuey~StoreArt June 2016 Ad2a

The Fae Kingdom Collection had it’s premier @ The Faery Tale Show with Vero Modero. Now this complete Mega Pack can be found @ Chop Zuey Main Showroom.

Mblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu

Mega texture change pack includes: Necklace ; Earrings ; Earring Cuffs ; Eyebrow Jewels ; Bracelets (Plain & with claws) ; Headdress – All in texture change !

Mblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu Texture Change Mega Pack

Mblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu Texture Change HeaddressMblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu Texture Change Claw Bracelet AdMblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu Eye Jewels - Men GiftMblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu Eye Jewels - GiftMblieu, Mblieu, Mblieu Earrings & Ear Cuffs

Flamenco Gypsy 

Flamenco Gypsy Special Edition Moonstone SetFlamenco Gypsy Moonstone Ring2Flamenco Gypsy Moonstone RingFlamenco Gypsy Moonstone Hair SticksFlamenco Gypsy Moonstone EarringsFlamenco Gypsy Moonstone Bracelet & Ring

Nitty Ka 

Nitty Ka Texture Change SetNitty Ka Texture Change Set Pk

The Dirty Shepherdress

The Dirty Shepherdress Texture Change Set

Fairy Dust Necklace

Fairy Dust Necklace - Pink

Big thanks to Skip Staheli for the pictures, the model is Delinda Dench!

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Quan Am Set


This set was made in honor of Rehana Seljan, Miss SL Vietnam. This set includes:

Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Ring being made from Rubellite Tourmaline, Pink Morganite, Ametrine, Pearl & Diamond in gold.

Quan Am Set

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New Chop Zuey Jewellery Group Gift: Lumineaux Brooch

The Lumineux Collection from Chop Zuey will debut this Friday, February 12, 2016! To celebrate this new collection, Chop Zuey will be given away the Lumineux Brooch as a free group gift! In order to receive this exquisite item, search for the official Chop Zuey group in world and join the group or you can visit our main store and wait for the automatic group invite and join the group this way! ** There is a group join fee of 350Ls to join the group ** This item will be sent out on Friday!

Lumineux Brooch.png

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The Rising Sun @ Chop Zuey

Created in honor of Vera Fenuzini, Miss Virtual World Japan, The Rising Sun is a Japanese Angel Coral, Pearl and Diamond set in Gold.  The complete set comes with Necklace, Earrings, 5 mixed Bangles and 2 styles of Hair Sticks.

The Rising Sun Set


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Happy 6th Birthday Chop Zuey!

A Quick Note from Belle:

CHOP ZUEY & I would like to Thank all it’s loyal Customers. People who have become like Family over the Years.

I know none of the GREAT SUCCESS Chop Zuey has seen over these 6 years would have been possible without all of you here by my side.

From the Heart – Truly would like to thank each and every one of you and wish you all Many Blessings, Love, Light & Godspeed!!!

Your Belle


And as a special thank you, Belle has created an amazing gift for her group members.

Thugs-n-Kisses Set

Thugs-n-Kisses is a XOXO necklace, earrings and bracelet set in South Seas Pearl, Diamonds in a gold setting.

Also in the store are group gifts for men, as well as gifts for non group members.  Come to Chop Zuey today and help us celebrate six amazing years and many more to come!


To The Daisy @ Chop Zuey

To The Daisy is the latest jewelry designs from Belle Roussel.  This texture changing set includes 2 Pearl Chokers and Pendant Necklace, Earrings, Ring and 2 Bracelets.

To The Daisy Texture Change Set

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Kundalini @ Chop Zuey

National costume created for Miss SL India contains mesh Sari in 5 standard sizes and flexi attachments, Headdress and all jewelry.

Kundalini National of India2

Jewelry is available for purchase separately.

Kundalini Choker Necklace & Breast Plate

Kundalini Earrings

Kundalini Bracelets

Kundalini Anklets & Toe Rings

Kundalini Nose Rings & Bindi

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The Fire Dance @ Chop Zuey

The Fire Dance, created for Miss SL 2015 Indonesia.

The Fire Dance Jewellery-Danielle Gown

Jewelry set include Necklace, 2 earring styles, 2 Bangles, 2 Upper Arm Bands and Bindi in Black Spinel, Pearl and Black & Red Coral set in Gold.

The Fire Dance Set


Balinese Headdress and Belt sold separately.

The Fire Dance HeadDress



For these and many more amazing Belle Roussel creations, visit Chop Zuey today.