Imperial Malagasy Aurora Crowns And Jewels

Black Spinel set in White Gold

AuroraBlk_WGCrown ImperialMalagasyAuroraEarBlk-WG ImperialMalagasyNeckBlk_WG ImperialMalagasyTiaraBlk-WG



Kalahari Diamonds set in Platinum

AuroraCrownWht AuroraEarrWht AuroraWhtNeck AuroraWhtTiara


Black Spinel set in Gold


AuroraCrownBlk AuroraEarringsBlk AuroraNeckBlk AuroraTiaraBlk


Anahi Ametrine set in Platinum

AuroraCrown Ametrine_WG-Selina AuroraEarrings Ametrine_WG AuroraNecklace Ametrine_WG AuroraTiara Ametrine_WG-Portia


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