Bloggers & Store Models



Chop Zuey Bloggers posses the ability to bring Belle Roussel’s creations to life using their own unique style and creativity. We look for bloggers who can effectively tell a story with their visuals while capturing the essence of the Chop Zuey brand.

Our Blogger Policy is very straight forward and includes the following:

  1. You must clearly show the jewelry in your photography.
  2. You must accurately identify the Chop Zuey products you are wearing in your descriptions.
  3. A link to the Chop Zuey main store must always be included in your descriptions.
  4. You must be an active blogger with regular postings.

Our team of bloggers sparkle like the gems they wear and love!

If you would like to become a Chop Zuey Blogger and wish to know more about our Blogger Policy, please contact Ava Jhamin, Chop Zuey Blogger Manager.


Please contact Ludmilla Umarov if you are interested in becoming a store model for Chop Zuey.