Kaia Ocean @ Aloha Fair

Chop Zuey - Kaia Ocean Set Ad - Lud

Kaia Ocean is a beautiful set which comes with earrings, necklace, diadem and bangles.

This set has mixed gems and Charme Briolettes in Italian Rose Gold.

This beautiful set together with the Besos Collection are available at the Aloha Fair.

Chop Zuey - Besos Collection -Slv-Blk

The Besos Collection comes with Necklace, mixed Bangles & earrings in Black, Rose & Grey Pearl Cabochonne in Silver.

Also don’t forget to stop by Chop Zuey and get your gift. It’s a wonderful set called Maui Maui which comes with Necklace, Bracelets & Earrings in mixed gems, stones & beach glass.

Chop Zuey Gift - Maui Maui Set

Don’t forget to visit Chop Zuey and stay updated with new releases and new gifts!

Happy shopping, and remember, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”


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