12 Days of Christmas

As you may know from Facebook or In-World group chat, Chop Zuey had 12 Days of Christmas which started on 13th December, and from that day for 12 days, Belle has put in-world some gifts for Vip Members (Men & Woman) and in the last day you can find gifts for non-members too. The fun part of all this is, that the gifts are still in the store, and you can access them as long as they will remain (not for too long though) so, hurry up and get all the goodies you can from the store, because, trust me. They’re amazing !!Bellow you’ll find bits and pieces from the gifts you may find in the store.


Also don’t forget that the THE ROYAL CHRYSALIS TIARA is still 50% off in the Chop Zuey’s Mainstore, so hurry up and get all the beauty you can get!

Mainstore: Chop Zuey

Also don’t forget to follow Chop Zuey on other social media platforms.

Flickr: Chop Zuey

Facebook: Chop Zuey


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