Changing Things @ Chop Zuey

What is changing, you ask?  Chromatica!


Chop Zuey’s Chromatica by Belle Roussel is a texture changing set that includes necklace, earrings, 5 bracelets and belly chain.  With Chromatica’s 25 color options and 2 metal choices, you could run out of outfits before you run out of combinations.

For this and many more amazing Belle Roussel creations, visit Chop Zuey today!


2 thoughts on “Changing Things @ Chop Zuey

  1. Emma Portilo says:

    Beautiful! I love when we have options for diversifying things to create so many possibilities to look our best! Very well done!

  2. Emma Portilo says:

    Reblogged this on EPic Virtuality and commented:
    I adore color change sets and this set is such a beautiful piece that can be made to go with so many gorgeous gowns and slack or even a birthday suit!!!!

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