Resurrection Collection @ Chop Zuey

Belle Roussel presents Part 1 of the Resurrection Collection in her Sky Boutique.

First we have Missa Solemnis, a complete outfit that includes:

Flexi skirt

Jeweled belt & corset

Jeweled opera gloves

Jeweled breast plate

Headpiece with face net & jeweled ear pieces

Jeweled derriere brooch.

MissaSolemnis Ad - Ponchi1

Missa Solemnis comes in four sumptuous colors.

MissaSolemnis Ad - Ponchi3

MissaSolemnis Ad - Beatrice2

MissaSolemnis Ad - Astralia2

MissaSolemnis Ad - Annough2a

Find these and many more amazing Belle Roussel’s creations at the Chop Zuey main store and the Chop Zuey Sky Boutique.


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