2013 Chop Zuey Girl Finalists!

Here they are – the 12 Chop Zuey Girl Finalists for 2013!

(Alphabetical order)



Astralia – To be inspiring to someone is what you want to be when you’re a model, so it would be a great honour to be this to you.


Audrey Cresci – In my modeling, I base my styling on artistic inspirations.

Audrey Cresci

Avalon Chrome – I adore the designs & feel fabulous when I wear them, but my attachment to Chop Zuey goes even deeper.  It’s the culture & sense of family I’ve grown to love as well.

Avalon Chrome

Brennalin – I am a friendly redhead, only feisty on occasion and more often just plain silly!


Brianna Beresford – My goal is to continue to improve my styling and modeling skills while maintaining my sense of humor!

Brianna Beresford

Danity Mynx – I finally sat down & asked myself what it was that I wanted to do?  Where did I want to shine?  It was simple.  Here I am.

Danity Mynx

JJ26 Ragu – I want to be that person that other people look up to.  I want to give back.

jj26 Ragu

Selene Snowpaw – I can have dinner using 5 forks as well as a hotdog at a baseball game!  Life is too rich to always play it safe …  Love life & live love.

Selene Snowpaw

SterlingZen Harbour – I love jewelry in SL & how creative you can be mixing, matching & adding them to clothing.

SterlingZen Harbour

WrenNoir Cerise – When I used to RP, I would do so as a fiery gypsy!  People enjoyed having me steal their money from them because I was so good at it & they knew it was all in good fun!

WrenNoir Cerise

Yris Pelia – I love to change styles & I always look for details.

Yris Pelia

Zoomy Bluebird – … A sense of justice like no other …  I will fight to right a wrong – A modern day super hero & super model.

Zoomy Bluebird

Good luck ladies!


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