Art In Hats


Art in Hats  - Hats in Art Invitation

Art and fashion meet in hats. Good hats are art to wear and subsequently many artists love to create fantastic hats. Fashion designers often show an explosion of creativity in hats. Hats turn to fashion with the styling.

The basic idea of the exhibition is to present hats built by artists and fashion designers together with photos. In the photos is shown a small story around the hat.

Visit the Art In Hats exhibition today to find Belle Roussel’s creation IN MEMORY OF A WATERMELON.

Chop Zuey Watermelon Fascinator

Here a few things you may or may not know about Belle Roussel!

Belle Roussel: Owner & Designer of Chop Zuey Couture Jewelery.  Started her SL company in October 2009 and has been growing rapidly since its inception.

A real life opera singer, Ms. Roussel loves the opportunity to bring her talent into SL and sees each piece of jewelery she creates as a symphony within itself.

Belle Roussel and Chop Zuey has been featured on the Second Life website in the Fall Fashion LookBook,  What’s Hot in SL,  in numerous magazine and TV interviews and is the recipient of such awards as IFC Star Choice Award and Nominated for AVI Choice Award.

Ms Roussel has appeared as a guest on The ‘ Frolic Mills Show ‘,  ‘ The Dar & Carter Show ‘ for Metaverse TV and  ‘ SLTV Fashion Style ~ The Runway ‘  for SLTV Japan amongst numerous other programs.

Chop Zuey is the official jeweler of the SL NFL Super Bowl and Ms Roussel, their official designer,  makes all their Super Bowl rings.

Ms Roussel is highly requested and commissioned to design the Crowns and Tiaras for the winners and finalists of such prestigious events as Miss Virtual World, Miss Mundo and numerous other pageants.

Recently, Ms Roussel made history when she designed  the first  ‘Diamond Gown’ in SL which was auctioned off at Relay for Life to the winner for 150,000L!!!

Visit Art In Hats exhibition before it closes July 28th.

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