Spring Sparkles At Chop Zuey

More amazing jeweled gowns from Belle Roussel in three lovely colors.

Complete dress comes with mesh gown, jeweled top and corsette, 2 jeweled belts, 2 broaches, hat and veil, gloves, jeweled cuffs, earrings and 2 bangles.


SpringSkyAd DiamondGownBluEar DiamondGownBluBrcs

SpringNectarineAd DiamondGownNectarineEar DiamondGownNectarineBrcs

SpringIvoryAd DiamondGownPk-IvEar DiamondGownPk-IvBrcs


Visit the NEW Chop Zuey Sky Boutique today for these and many more new gowns and jewelry sets!  Don’t forget the main Chop Zuey store!


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