Chop Zuey Goes Hollywood!

Cameras click!  Bulbs flash!  All eyes are on YOU!  Thanks to Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey Jewelry, PAPARAZZI receives all the attention.

Available exclusively at the Hollywood Event, PAPARAZZI and PAPARAZZI II, both are complete sets.

PAPARAZZI comes with 4 Pearl necklace styles, 4 Pearl and Diamond bracelets sets, earrings and hairpin in Diamonds set in Platinum.



PAPARAZZI II comes with a Diamond choker, 4 bracelet sets and earrings in Blu Tolrmaline, Green Andesine Labradorite Diamonds set in Platinum.



Just when you think Belle Roussel could not surprise you, she creates the most amazing jewelled gowns!  And the icing on the cake – the gowns INCLUDE new jewelry!



The Hollywood Event runs from March 29th – April 14th.

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