The New Chop Zuey Girl

Please join me in welcoming Ai Hienrichs,

the Fall 2011 Chop Zuey Girl!

Intrigued by an article she read about Second Life (SL), Ai joined the virtual community 4.5 years ago and started her journey into the wonderful fashion world here.  In her early days in SL, Ai had a lot of fun hopping from sim to sim hunting for lucky chairs, and meeting fun and witty people that she still called best friend today.

As she progressed, Ai became the Store Manager for the fashion brand Muism.  She also modelled for brands such as Muism, MRM Factory and Tuli.  Ai was invited to blog for the Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) where she wrote for the column “I feel….” and as a writer for the Alta Moda magazine, Ai interviewed some really talented creators and designers in SL.

After 1 year of hiatsu from SL, Ai returned on a more regular basis since August.  Picking up from where she left off, she is now a proud graduate from the MVW Modeling Academy, successfully updated her skills and experience to fulfill her dream as a runway model.

Today, Ai, the Chop Zuey Girl Fall 2011, is back to be an active fashion model and blogger on the grid.   Besides modeling, Ai is also learning photography and loves to make her own pictures occasionally.   Her recent contest win include Danielle Fashionista Nov 2011 second place, using pictures made by herself.

Ai believes she has been blessed with wonderful people guiding her along the way, allowing her to see her dreams and imagination take shapes in SL.  Working hand in hand, Ai hopes she and her mentors and sponsors will be able to achieve something bigger and greater in the wonderful world of SL.

Feel free to visit the following links to see some of the works Ai has done.

Blog –

Flickr –


Don’t forget to follow Chop Zuey on social media, to be updated with everything that is new.

Flickr: Chop Zuey

Facebook: Chop Zuey


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